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Kennington Chronicle advertising

All advertising needs to be agreed and finalised by 4 p.m. on the 10th of the month before publication. There is no August edition, so advertising intended for August needs to be finalised by 10th June.

Format and Submission

We prefer electronic articles (specifically Microsoft Word or Publisher). If you are unable to submit either of these, please submit a PDF, a simple text file, an email, or a printed or clearly-written handwritten copy.

Remember to include your name, address, contact number and optionally email address. Submit your queries and advertising to the Advertising Coordinator.


Please make cheques out to “The Kennington Chronicle” and send to the Advertising Coordinator.

In the following table, “Size” is relative to an A4 sheet. The Kennington Chronicle is reduced to A5 on printing, which means that adverts are reduced by about 50% on publication (the online copy is full size).

SizeMeasurementOne monthOne year
⅛ page100×70 mm£15£84
¼ page100×145 mm£25£137
½ page205×145 mm£37£242
Full page205 x 290 mm£74£473
Sizes are shrunk by about 50% on publication

Submission Policy

  • Adverts are accepted at the discretion of the Advertising Coordinator, subject to space and suitability. All submissions to be accompanied by a name, telephone, address, and optionally email address.
  • Adverts should be checked, and any errors or alterations to be notified to the Advertising Coordinator by the 10th of the month.
  • The Kennington Chronicle in no way accepts responsibility for goods or services supplied by the advertisers. Inclusion of an advertisement does not imply endorsement or recommendation by the Chronicle.